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Warranty information

So our valued customers have greater clarity on the Naim Audio Warranty process, we have defined a set of policy guidelines, which we are pleased to share with you below. If you have questions about any element detailed here, please contact your sales representative.


  • All products will come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers manufacturing defects only. Warranty will include parts & labour.

  • Warranty will begin from the point of purchase by the end user.

  • Damage or defects caused by neglect, misuse or accidents will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This includes any modification or customisation of the product once it leaves the factory.

  • In the event of a fault occurring within Warranty, BusiSoft AV will offer a repair service via a range of official authorised repair centres.  If the product cannot be repaired, BusiSoft AV reserves the right to exchange the product with either a new or “Grade A Refurbished” product.

  • All returns to BusiSoft AV must be via a BusiSoft AV issued RMA. In the event of a product return without an approved RMA, the delivery will be rejected.

  • Proof of purchase will be required for all repair claims covered within the warranty period. If valid proof of purchase cannot be provided, BusiSoft AV reserves the right to charge for any works carried out on the product.

    Non-Warranty Repair:

  • For out of warranty repairs and repairs not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, BusiSoft AV offers repair packages to cover the product throughout its full lifetime. We will also continue to offer service packages throughout the life of the product.




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